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The owner of NJ consulting & import, Nenad Jelisic (NJ), has always been interested in science. Because of that he first graduated as a Geologist Engineer, then as a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, then as a Licentiate in Geotechnics and finally as a PhD in Geotechnics. For about 20 years ago, NJ began to be deeply interested in wine and wine knowledge. Since then, all NJ's free time is spend on wine tastings (several thousand wines are tested every year), oenology (some vineyards and wineries are visited and some wine books and many wine magazines are read every year) and work on the company's independent website. The company was founded in 2004 as a wine and spirits import company, but has in recent years changed its focus on sharing the wine and food knowledge. The website is the result of a half life-long passion for good wine and good food, which has been provided NJ with a comprehensive wine and food knowledge, that NJ want to share with others.

Dr Nenad Jelisic

NJ consulting & import’s web pages are Scandinavia's best web pages about wine, wine countries, wine regions, wine districts, wine reviews, wineries, wine production, appellations, the best vintages, grapes and so on. It is better to say that NJ consulting & import’s web pages have everything that has to do with wine. The uniqueness of these web pages is that they are updated daily and that on the company’s main web page and all pages that belong to the "Wine glossary and wine facts" it is possible to see when they were last updated. Moreover, the uniqueness of these web pages is that any information, which exists on them, is checked extremely carefully i.e. if you have read some information on NJ consulting & import’s web pages, you do not need waste your valuable time by checking whether the information is correct.


In addition to wine and oenology, NJ consulting & import writes about the world's best restaurants under "The world's best restaurants." The restaurants, which NJ consulting & import has visited, tried their food and wine as well as rated food’s quality, food's taste, how the food is presented and looks, wine selection, decor, atmosphere, service and cleanliness.


When it comes to tasting and reviewing of wines, Robert Jonasson is Nenad’s right-hand man. Robert, whose profession is a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Geotechnics), has a passion for wine where the classic wine regions (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne and Piemonte) are among his favorites. He loves to taste wines from new grapes and new wine districts and reads all interesting wine literature he can find. Another of Robert’s passion is to combine good food with good wines. Robert tastes and reviews thousands of wines every year.

Robert Jonasson

The renown Canadian connoisseur chef Kristof Gillese is proud to participate on this, one of the leading Scandinavian internet sites, with his understanding of the complex North American wine market. Kristof Gillese: trained chef, certified wine steward and proud journalist. To chef Kristof it is the story that takes priority: to tell the tale of common people accomplishing uncommon goals. In the world of wine these tales are prolific. It is chef Kristof's privilege to have worked with, and/or told the story of, luminaries such as Pierre-Henry Gagey of Maison Jadot, Nik Weis of St Urbans-Hof, Ray Signorello of Signorello Estates and Ezra Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery; leaders in the industry. With almost 3 decades of experience working with the magical synergy between food and wine, chef Kristof is proud to share the stories of these amazing stewards of the land. These articles showcase a respect for the balance between our current mercantile economy and the-now-in-vogue ancestral farming methods/biodynamics/organic farming principles. All articles are written with a profound reverence for the family aspect to winery culture as, to this writers understanding, nothing has ever had a more far-reaching effect than the love and devotion for a parent to a child. All great wineries are built by parents for their children and grandchildren and it is because of this that chef Kristof writes.

Kristof Gillese

It does not matter whether we have bought some wine ourselves or tried it during some wine tasting or tried it in some winery or got it sent home by some winery or wine importer, we rate it equally. The price of the wine is not taken into account when a wine is tasted and rated i.e. only the quality of the wine is taken into account, and nothing else. A wine, which is already on the Swedish market and gets 3 or more of 5 NJP (NJP = Nenad Jelisic Points), is reviewed on the company’s main (Swedish) web page. If a wine, which is not on the Swedish market and gets 3 or more of 5 NJP, is reviewed on the company’s two main (English and Swedish) web pages under "The world wines" and "Världens viner".


It is not without reason that NJ consulting & import’s web pages have about 60,000 visitors per month, today (November 2014).


If your winery wants to submit wines for review in one of NJ consulting & import’s tasting, please contact us and we will give you information how.


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